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2017 HBA-DC Membership Survey Summary and Recommendations

Friday, October 27, 2017  


The 2017 Hispanic Bar Association of DC’s membership survey successfully concluded with over 100 responses.  The survey responses highlight HBA-DC’s significant growth in the last few years, and shows that HBA-DC continues to provide meaningful opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and support for the Hispanic community at a national and local level.  In particular, members believe the organization is most effective at maintaining a strong sense of community, advocating for the legal profession in DC, providing opportunities to contribute within the organization, and offering year-round value.  While the survey confirms many strengths of the organization, members also identified several areas in which HBA-DC can improve.  The following outline reflects key recommendations arising from the survey.



Communication Recommendations

  1. Maintain frequency of communications to members, but continue to work on effectiveness of communications.  90% of respondents think HBA-DC’s communication frequency is appropriate, but 43% think HBA-DC’s communications are only moderately effective.

  2. Continue to use the newsletter and HBA-DC’s website as the primary form of communication, but HBA-DC should continue to find other effective forms of communication. 

  3. Work on the design and formatting of the newsletter.

  4. Continue to use LinkedIn and Facebook as primary social media platforms.  93% of members prefer professional social media communications through LinkedIn and 41% prefer Facebook.


Legislative/Policy and Endorsement Recommendations

  1. Continue to address national and local issues, but do not lose focus of local issues.  While members seek advocacy on both national and local issues, most members think focusing on local issues is slightly more important.

  2. Continue to be mindful of diverse views within HBA-DC and the positions the organization takes. 


Membership Recommendations

  1. Continue to maintain a strong sense of community.

  2. Most members unintentionally let their membership lapse and individualized follow up should continue to occur.

  3. Find ways to engage members with little time to commit to HBA-DC.  Some members do not renew their membership because they do not have enough time.

  4. Dues levels should be maintained at current levels, at least for the near future.  Most members think the dues amount is appropriate, although many members do think dues are slightly below average.

  5. Consider charging non-members at least $10 per event.


Professional Development Recommendations

  1. Focus on career development opportunities, understanding members’ professional needs, and providing information pertinent to members’ specific practices.

  2. More effective advertisement of the Latina Leadership Academy should be pursued.  67% of respondents were unaware of the Latina Leadership Academy, but those who attended the event had a high level of satisfaction.

  3. Create a more effective platform for referrals and business development, including a relevant and accessible member directory.

  4. Create a more effective platform for job postings.


Public Service Recommendations

  1. Continue to provide activities advocating for and promoting equal and social justice.

  2. Consider public service opportunities that appeal to a broader membership base.  57% of respondents are aware of but have not used community service opportunities offered. Those who have used such opportunities have a high degree of satisfaction.


Social and Special Events Recommendations

  1. Focus on improving core member benefits and services and “don’t try to do too much.”

  2. Continue to hold HBA-DC’s “evening with series,” which has a high level of satisfaction.  The Equal Justice Awards, La Familia BBQ, the Annual Meeting, and general networking events also have a high level of satisfaction and should continue.

  3. Respondents prefer that events continue to be held in the evenings.


Student Affairs Recommendations

  1. About 50% of respondents were unaware of HBA-DC’s career fair or summer associate reception and résumé workshop.  More effective advertising of these events should be pursued.

  2. Mentoring events and opportunities are one of the most sought after benefits HBA-DC provides, and HBA-DC should continue to maintain and strengthen this core area.

  3. There is a high level of interest in issues related to student loan debt, and panels and information relating to this issue should be provided to HBA-DC’s membership.

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