Members can serve the HBA through any of the following committees.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email us at  As of 10/1/2018 our Committees are: 


Standing Committees

Annual Awards Event: Plan the HBA-DC’s Equal Justice Awards reception, and solicit nominations for (and select) the recipient of the awards.

Richard Rodriguez, Co-Chair

Leila Jade Levi, Co-Chair

Communications: Coordinate the publication of the HBA-DC newsletter. Develop and maintain HBA-DC brochures and templates for flyers. Develop and maintain the HBA-DC website, Facebook, and LinkedIn web pages.


Valeria Dueñas, Chair

Andrea Coronado, Board Liaison

Alejandra Apecechea

Diana Baquero

Karyna Valdez

Maritza Perez


Endorsements: Evaluate the qualifications of candidates for appointments who request the HBADC’s endorsement. Maintain appropriate questionnaires for candidates, conduct due diligence on candidates, hold personal interview, and vote on recommendation to the Board. Whenever possible, identify potential Hispanic candidates for vacant positions and encourage them to apply.



Catherine Meza, Co-Chair

Mario Cuahutle, Co-Chair

Carmen Banerjee, Board Liaison

Richard Rodriguez
Leila Jade Levi
Holli Feichko
Edgar Class
Raquel Trabal
Annette Soberates
Gretel Echarte
Ben Hernandez-Stern
Victoria Ortega
Ruben Reyna
Juan Sempertegui
Pedro J. Rivera
Eissa Villasenor


Elections: Publish Elections Meeting date, call for nominations, and distribute candidate statements to membership. Prepare, distribute, and count ballots at the Annual Election Meeting; inform the membership of the election results.

Richard V. Rodriguez, Co-Chair

Leila Jade Levi, Co-Chair


Legislative and Policy Issues: Develop and implement initiatives relating to local and national legislative and judicial processes. Inform the HBA-DC Board and membership regarding developments in policy, law and practices, and recommend HBA-DC responses to such developments, including public education and press campaigns.

Israel Nery, Co-Chair

Adrian Alvarez, Co-Chair 

Maritza Perez (Board Liaison)

Eric Ubias
Maria Lucero Ortiz
Alberto Rivera
Julian Gonzalez
David E. Martinez
Jesus Saenz
Ruben F. Reyna
Adrian Snead
Osvaldo Vazquez
Gidget Benitez
Janice Marquez
Stacey Berdejo
Edgar Gonzalez


Membership: Develop and implement membership services and initiatives, including membership surveys and drives.


Gidget Benitez, Chair

Ray Ramirez, VP for Membership

Cristina Gil


Professional Development: Identify and publicize employment and career opportunities available to the HBA-DC membership. Organize, sponsor, or participate various professional development events, including legal education seminars, job fairs, panel events on legal or policy issues.

Wandaly Fernandez, Co-Chair

Alberto Rivera, Co-Chair

Carlos Gutierrez, Board Liaison

Raquel Trabal
Elizabeth Briones
Catherine Cone
Daniel Vasquez Diaz

Nelly Montenegro
Jesus Saenz
Adam Acosta


Public Service: Develop, coordinate, and implement HBA-DC’s outreach effort to the D.C. Hispanic community; educate the community about its legal rights and responsibilities. Work with and through existing community organizations and governmental agencies serving Hispanics in the D.C. area to the extent possible.

Sherley E. Cruz, Chair 

Jackie Martinez Resly, Board Liaison

Michael Chandeck
Vincent Rivas Flores
Losmin Jimenez


Social and Special Events: Develop and coordinate social and other special events to provide members with the opportunity to socialize and/or network with each other and with members of other professional organizations.

Diana Baquero, Co-Chair

Jazzirelle Sepulveda , Co-Chair

Jorge F. Gonzalez, Board Liaison

Elizabeth Briones
Christina Arenas
Nadia Baksh

Eric Hernandez
Victoria Ortega


Student Affairs: Develop and coordinate HBA-DC services for its law student members. Coordinate the mentor/mentee program co-sponsored by the HBA-DC and Arnold & Porter.

Paulina Vera, Co-Chair 

John Evanoff, Co-Chair 

Sandra BellewBoard Liaison

Sandra Rosa Brachi
Daniel Trujillo
Julian Gonzalez
Erika Suhr
Paulina Vera
Jose Arvelo
Katherine Bravo
Sebastien Monzon
Hendricks Valenzuela
Cristina Gil
Fransua Estrada


2018 Ad Hoc Committees


Diversity Report: Committee created to draft a 2018 Report on the state of Latino hiring in the District of Columbia and to highlight those strategically partnering with HBA-DC and implementing innovative measures to cure diversity issues at their organization


Gidget Benitez (Co-Chair)
Daniel Trujillo
Daniel Vasquez Diaz
Richard Rodriguez 
Leila Levi (Board Liaison)


Website Transition Committee: Committee created to start researching alternative website providers.


Julian Alcazar (Chair)
Fernando Rivero
Samuel Schumach
Marcos Ibarra


Investment Policy Committee: Committee created to draft and implement an Involvement Policy Statement and invest financial assets accordingly. 


Erik Burgos (Co-Chair)
Richard V. Rodriguez (Co-Chair)
Leila Levi
Adam Acosta
Ruben Reyna



Professional Conduct Policy: Committee created to draft and implement a Professional Conduct Policy for HBA-DC and its members


Raquel Trabal (Co-Chair)

Vivianette Velazquez (Co-Chair)
Sherley Cruz
Willmary Escoto
Fernando Rivero
Nelly Montenegro
Ana Jara
Christina Arenas


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